Monday, 18 July 2016

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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Curating one-Self: A liberal act of self-development

Reflecting on the intimate link between the creator ‘s identity and his/her creations this paper moves away from curating sole material objects. It instead analyses methods of curating as a process that is conductive to creative identity development. Curating in this sense happens in multiple levels and for diverse reasons.

In this context I refer to cases in which artists and designers have been positioned as curators of their own work and analyse how this had impacted on their perception of themselves as artists/Designers/ human beings. I also analyse how in a meta-level the curated human forces (e.g. selected groups of people creating collectively) and their creations had been considered as a solid ‘artwork’ that its curation and exhibition challenges notions of Design, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and freedom.

The methods and materials are heavily based on spontaneity of play. Allowing the participants to be lost in the flow of playful creation (role play, stories, performance) this paper discusses how the final ‘artwork’ is people-stories and object-memories that narrate the development of one’s creative self.

images from: PhD thesis, Besides the Screen Conference workshop - Brasil 2015,  Creative Identity and Innovative thinking Course

Automatic drawing, writing and making as well as conversations with personified objects enabled students to surrender in moments of serendipity, become lost and develop greater clarity and criticality about themselves and their socially mediated, political, creative practice.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Public talks

Tedx talk: how our designs reveal parts of ourselves
Victoria and Albert Museum- Beauties and Beasts

Phi books at the Victoria and Albert Museum - 
Digital Futures
Creative Ring: Turning the city of Umea into a playground, 
Music Tech Festival Scandinavia, Umea University, Sweden

Phi books at Aesthetics and History - Stockholm University

Music Tech Festival hack
for Kids and Teens 
Hub Science

Friday, 17 July 2015

A keyhole to my published products for children

As a design product, a children’s book combines designing and story-making elements that invites the reader to explore and question their ideas, emotions and values. Fictional writing stimulated my image making and the image making stimulated further writing. Experiencing this fusion of verbal and visual, physical and cognitive in the fiction making process led me to appreciate the power of unconscious, organic inventiveness.


2011: ‘Touch Wood’, (Illustrator), Patakis Publications

2009: ‘I am drowning’, (Illustrator), Patakis Publications

2009: Five Tricks for the Dad to come back home
2009: The diary of Book-eaters 1- Pataks Publications

2008: ‘The lonely plaster’, (Author-Illustrator- Programmer), 

Limited edition Interactive Book, Goldsmiths University of London

2008: ‘The diary of the Book-Eaters 1’, (Illustrator)

2007: ‘The unfortunate finger’, (Illustrator), Patakis Publications

2005: Travelling in planet chess’, (Author –Illustrator –Product Designer), 
Book and chessboard, Patakis Publications

Consequences- The story of Mr Humus


2011: 'Touch Wood’, Patakis Publications

2009: I am drowning’, Patakis Publications

2009: ‘Five tricks for the Dad to come back home’,  Patakis Publications

2009: ‘The diary of the Book-Eaters 2’, Patakis Publications

2008:The lonely plaster’,  Limited edition Interactive Book

2008:‘The diary of the Book-Eaters 1’, Patakis Publications

2007:The unfortunate finger’, Patakis Publications

2005:‘Travelling in planet chess’,  Book and chessboard